Private Money Investing:

Investing in Trust Deeds isn't just for the wealthy or professional investor. With a minimum investment of $2,000.00 with The Hanford Group, anyone can get a great return on their investment! Among our current investors are construction workers, barbers, artists, young married couples and retirees as well as professional investors. We also have programs for investors with pension plans and IRAs. With double digit yields, the security of California real estate and quality service, The Hanford Group is making it easier than ever to invest in Trust Deeds.


Double Digit Returns

Large Protective Equities

Invest What You Got – Invest in part or all of a loan

Self-Directed IRAs, Individual Pension Plans, Family and Personal Trusts, etc. – Invest them in Trust Deeds!

Personal and Corporate Investments

Upfront Education: (Have link for investor to provide info if interested in seminar)

Investor Seminars (Introduction to Trust Deed Investing)

How Real Estate Lending Works

Loan Documents (Promissory Note, Deed of Trust, Appraisals, Title Insurance, etc.)

Department of Real Estate Disclosures

How We Service Loans

One-on-One Investor Education (Your Own Personal Seminar)

*Same info as seminar but in a personal environment*